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New Function: Set terrain height according to constant relative flying height

New Function: Parallel processing for image pyramid generation

Change: Sorted export of strips in Z/I export

Patch: Display of data in main view

Patch: Zoom and re-centering in image viewer


Patch: Project data display (inBLOCK)

Patch: Size of pop-up windows (inBLOCK)

Patch: Thinout-option for automatic tie-points


Patch: DTMaster editing functions with satellite imagery or pushbroom imagery


Patch: OrthoMaster Lite licensing

Patch: Re-sizeable user interfaces


Patch: Artefacts using areas of interest and automatic tiling


New Feature: Graphical overview

New Feature: Auto Strip Adjustment (ASA) quality evaluation

Change: Better and faster access to coverage results

Patch: Fixes for the graphical user interface

Patch: 2D viewer with 32bit TIFF

Patch: Boot import of Riegl directory

Patch: EO calculation

Patch: USGS information for strips

Patch: Selection of GPS week time or adjusted GPS time for LAS export