Supported Geodetic Datum's in Trimble Mobile Manager

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Trimble Mobile Manager includes the ability for users to output positions in either a local or a global reference frame, output/display orthometric height through the use of local geoid and customised epoch's for local correction sources.


This post focuses on the Geodetic Datums 

The Trimble Mobile Manager online help provides more information on this - please refer to the Configure GNSS output and GNSS Output Options sections.


The current supported Geodetic Datum's are listed below and are correct at the time of this document publication

If any active datum's are missing please contact Trimble using the online Catalyst Community



Reference frameDisplayed nameEPSG codeRegion
China 2000CGCS20001043China
Estonia 1997EST976180Estonia
European Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000ETRF2000(R05)1186European
Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994GDA946283Australia
International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000ITRF20006656World
International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2005ITRF20056896World
International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2008ITRF20081061World
International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2014ITRF20141165World
International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2014ITRF2014 (Current), WGS84NAWorld
Japanese Geodetic Datum 2000JGD20006612Japan
Marco Geocentrico Nacional de ReferenciaMAGNA-SIRGAS6686Colombia
NAD83 (National Spatial Reference System 2011)NAD83(2011)1116North America
NAD83 (Canadian Spatial Reference System)NAD83-CSRS6140Canada
NAD83 (Canadian Spatial Reference System, Epoch 1997)NAD83-CSRS (1997) **1194Canada
NAD83 (Canadian Spatial Reference System, Epoch 2002)NAD83-CSRS (2002) **1195Canada
NAD83 (Canadian Spatial Reference System, Epoch 2010)NAD83-CSRS (2010) **1198Canada
NAD83 (National Spatial Reference System PA11)*NAD83-PA111117American Samoa, Marshall Islands, United States (USA)
NAD83 (National Spatial Reference System MA11)*NAD83-MA111118Replaces NAD83(HARN) (GGN93) code 6152 in Guam
New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000NZGD20006167New Zealand and Chatham Islands
Posiciones Geodesicas Argentinas 2007POSGAR071062Argentina
Reseau Geodesique des Antilles Francaises 2009RGAF091073French Antilles
Reseau Geodesique Francais 1993RGF93v26171France
Reseau Geodesique Francais Guyane 1995RGFG956624French Guiana
Reseau Geodesique de Nouvelle Caledonie 91-93RGNC91936749New Caledonia
Reseau Geodesique de la Reunion 1992RGR926627Reunion
Reseau Geodesique des Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises 2007RGTAAF071113French Southern Territories
Reseau Geodesique de la Reunion 1992SIRGAS-CONNASouth America

* Please refer to Section B. NAD83(2011,MA11,PA11) epoch 2010.00 Coordinates - for more information on the appropriate use of these datums
** Note the NAD83(CSRS) adopted epochs for Canada’s provincial geodetic agencies


For more information on EPSG codes and their use, refer to the official website