What can be done to access network license on a Client PC?

Document created by Steven Witte on Jan 25, 2018
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Please take a look into attached document called TechTip - TBC_POINTING THE WORKSTATION TO THE SERVER.pdf which guide you through Sentinel Admin Control Center to setup Client PC (either with TBC/TRW or SPSO) to access the license on the server.

Here are a few more hints to try in case Client PC can not access the license on the server:

  • Make sure that port 1947 is open on the License server so that Client PC can access the license
  • Make sure port 80 (http://dl.trimble.com) can be access on the Client PC
  • Make sure port 443 (https://updates.t-iserv.com) can be access on the Client PC


In few cases you need to enable the option Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses in order getting access to the license hosted on the server. This option can be found under Sentinel Admin Control Center / Configuration / Access to Remote License Managers. The same place where you key in the IP address for the license server.

SACC Aggressive search option enabled


One more thing to check would be the License Manager for TBC/TRW/SPSO. Here you can find a Search Type drop down list. In case License Manager shows Automatic, please change this to Network. This will lead to search for the license specific on the network. These changes will go into effect the next time TBC/TRW/SPSO is started. Under License server you should ONLY select the right Server name once everything works fine. DO NOT KEY IP ADDRESS INSIDE LICENSE SERVER FIELD HERE.

License Manager shows different Search Type