Web 2.74 Release Notes - September 06 2018

Document created by Abhilash Annadurai on Sep 6, 2018
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New Features

  • Scheduler to POST Jobs to TDS
  • An API to get server structure for a folder / whole project without versions


  • Improve Performance of Right panel activity loading for Folders,Files, Release, Clashes and Views
  • Project delete : improve warning message for admin
  • Progress % changes to frontend for TDS assimilation

Bug Fixes

  • Project unit precisions has incorrect default values
  • Member of a group does not see a 2D view assigned to the group
  • Public API : Update Project Settings API does not update “notificationSettings”
  • ToDo.Type is validated in PUT but not in POST
  • Views 2d - Views getting deleted for user although delete call throws 409 error
  • Status after pulling FSObject does not reflect heartbeat status.
  • SLOW QUERY LOG: Query for site admin takes @ 2 mins
  • SLOW QUERY LOG: select user with lower() runs full table scan
  • SLOW QUERY LOG: using lower() skips index and results in full table scan
  • SLOW QUERY LOG: user profile table query without index
  • downloadURL is present in file service commit API response
  • Import from excel (Todo, Team) functionality is not working in non master pod
  • Cannot move to different PODs other than master POD
  • Todo : User got "PERMISSION_DENIED" for his own todo