Connect for Browser - 2.85.1 - Release Notes

Document created by Darshan Rajaram Kamat on Jul 11, 2019
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Connect for Browser is upgraded to 2.85.1. This update contains the following changes:


  • Connect Web has a new UI for Navigation, Project header and Filters. 
  • The new navigation panel will help users do their work efficiently with lesser need to scroll.




  • To make navigation easier, all functions can now be accessed from the panel on the left side of the application.





  • Filtering will now be easier with all filtering options presented across the top of the application. The context of filtering will be much clearer due to the proximity of the panel content.





  • Enhanced responsiveness: Connect for Browser is now a responsive web application!
    This allows users to access the application on Mobile devices; the app automatically scales to the right size to fit in the screen. Note that some screens are no responsive yet, but this is work in progress. Non-responsive pages include 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer and the Details panel.




  • Switching between projects can now be done quickly from the top header, anywhere in the application.
    This simplifies the user  workflow since it is no longer needed to go back to the Projects list screen. It is now also possible to search for projects from the top header.



We also got rid of some bugs, including:

  • An issue with Dutch Translations for ToDo Types 
  • It was not possible to submit profile with Denmark as country 
  • File metadata / Template Editor issue fixes
  • View Assignment Finnish Translation issue