Trimble Connect Desktop v1.8.1 Release Notes - September 27, 2019

Document created by Jari Juntunen on Sep 27, 2019
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Data tab


   In TCD data tab, a change is needed on how the model revisions are handled. It is required that the version that is loaded in the data tab explorer, is also loaded in 3D.

New revision loading change

   When there is a new revision of a model file available on the server, user can download it by using the “arrow” icon in the Data tab explorer. After downloading has been done, the freshly loaded version of the model should be loaded into 3D: when user goes to 3D by using the 3D View (the big view icon) button, the fresh model version should be loaded (even if there was earlier an old revision of the model loaded in 3d). Also, if user clicks the yellow View button while the freshly downloaded model is selected, the fresh version of the model should be loaded in 3D. IF new model version downloading is not ready when user enters 3D, the downloading progress continues until it is ready, and after that the freshly loaded model version is loaded into 3D.

Current behaviour is that the fresh model version is not loaded, but user needs to load it “again” using the 3D models tab and this change should fix this problem.

Picture: Download “arrow button” and 3D view button.


Using yellow View button

   Change to the current behaviour of the yellow View button: currently (version 1.8), when you are inside the project and have previously opened a model, clicking the View button with nothing selected in Explorer, goes into 3d with the previous model tree visible (meaning only the loaded model visible). This is changed so that if user clicks yellow View button with no models selected in Explorer, 3D is opened and Models tab contains the full model tree with the previously loaded model in loaded state. If user enters a project and has not loaded anything, then the full model tree is shown with no models loaded. Thus user can start browsing the project model tree and load desired models from the tree using the eyes. 

Picture: Models tab state after clicking yellow View button in Data tab with nothing selected in the Explorer tree: Full model tree is shown, but no models loaded


Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the Clash groups and clashes didn't  keep their visibility state (eye icon) after sync with backen.
  • Fixed issue where user got signed out if application was left open for long period of time
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases adding point cloud crashed application.
  • Fixed issue where periodic background synchronization caused UI freeze if project contains hundreds of views.
  • Fixed rare case where application crashed at startup if cookie folder could not be accessed.
  • Fixed Colorize groups action to apply color scale only based on items on object list instead of range of all objects in 3D.
  • Model details show now size of the original model file instead of size of the assimilated presentation file.
  • Improvements in clash panel.
  • Internal improvements.