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User Guide 

Trimble Connect for Windows

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Version 2


Working in 3D: Models

Model GridsUpdated

November 9, 2020 

Version 1

Before You Begin

Connect Licensing

View & Manage Licenses

Managing Your Trimble Account & Connect Profile

Creating Your Trimble ID & Connect Profile

Update Your Profile & Preferences

Installation Guide


Admin Installation

Update Installation

Uninstall Trimble Connect for Windows

Starting Trimble Connect with Command Line

BIMsight Package

Getting Started

Sign In to Your Account

User Menu

Help Center

Application Settings

General Settings




Managing Projects

Project Tile Functions

Project Statuses

Delete a Project

Project Sorting & Filtering

Offline Mode

Project Settings

Data Tab

Project Details

Invite Users

Views Pane

ToDos Pane

Files & Folders

Supported 3D Files

File & Folder Naming Conventions

Add Local Files

File Interactions & Controls 

Add Folders

Folder Controls

Managing Folder Permissions

File Versions & Revision History

Upload Files & Folders

Download Files & Folders

Comment on Files & Folders

Move Files & Folders

Rename Files & Folders

Remove Files & Folders

Viewing 2D Files

View Files & Folders in 3D

Working in 3D

Reference Guide

Keyboard Shortcuts

Working in 3D: Navigation & Tools

Navigation & Controls

Making Selections

Visibility Tools

Adjust the 3D View

Working in 3D: Markups, Measurements & Clip Planes


Measuring Distances

Vertical or Horizontal Distance Measurements


Coloring Measurements & Markups

Working with Clipping Planes

Working in 3D: Models

Manage Models

Add Models to the 3D Viewer

Remove or Unload Models 

Model & Folder Visibility 

Model Information

Model Groups

Model Hierarchy 

Search the Models Tab

Export as TrimBIM

Model Grids

Working in 3D: Objects

Using the Objects Tab with the 3D View

Choosing Objects to Display in the Tab

Visibility & Color

Working with Object Groups

Object Details & Properties 

Object Attachments

Working in 3D: ToDos

Creating a ToDo

Assigning ToDos

Commenting on ToDos

ToDo Attachments

Link Model Objects to a ToDo

Managing ToDos

ToDos Tab

Working in 3D: Clashes

Clash Sets


Clashes in the Objects Tab

Clashes & ToDos

Clashes in 3D

Working in 3D: Views


View Groups

Rename a View or View Group

Share a View or View Group

Filter & Search Views

Play a Slideshow with Views

Working in 3D: Sequences


Create a Sequence

Edit an Existing Sequence

Play a Sequence

Share a Sequence

Remove a Sequence

Working in 3D: Point Clouds

Point Clouds

Point Clouds Tab

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