Archive design - FAQs

Document created by Vijay Raghunathan on Nov 5, 2020
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  • What happens to the design data when archived? The design data is preserved in the cloud, and is safe. They will be just removed from the field devices on the next sync. You can view and access the archived design data from WorksManager anytime. 


  • Can I choose to auto archive all the design versions except the last one? It’s not configurable in the product right now. System leaves the last three versions by default. However, you can archive any of these designs manually anytime.


  • What is the difference between archive and delete? While archived data is always available to retrieve back, deleted data is not. Today, in WorksManager, it gets removed immediately. In the future, we might design the system to  keep the deleted designs for 30 days in the bin and later delete them permanently. 


  • When I archive design from WorksManager, does it get removed from the device automatically? No, the field device has to do a TCC sync either manual or auto before it gets removed


  • Where can I access the field data (recorded points - .csv) of GCS machines for archived designs? In the archived state, you can access recorded points from TCC in the 'Archived' folder. This is the path: Trimble Synchronizer Data -> <device folder> -> Archived -> <Project name>-<Design name> -> recorded points.csv.