Inpho Photogrammetry - How You Can Benefit from the Latest Developments

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This session will inform you about the most recent developments in the Inpho Photogrammetry software system. Learn how to get more value from high quality photogrammetry by exploring new applications with new sensor capabilities. Create deliverables such as dense classified point clouds, DTM/DSM, Orthoimage maps or GIS ready vectors with reliable confidence. This software is designed to meet the challenges of processing and visualizing massive data volumes with tens of thousands of images involved. Learn how Inpho photogrammetry enables you to expand your projects and applications with optimized support for satellite imagery processing, multi-head and oblique camera systems, frame and pushbroom sensors. See, how a new generation of toolsets for processing and interactive data editing help to simplify workflows that are no longer exclusively available to photogrammetric experts.
After this class, attendees should know what is the new feature set of the inpho portfolio.
Attendees should know how these new developments help to drive ROI and revenue and how they simplify their workflows
attendees should learn about the general capabilities of inpho and the supported sensors and how they integrate into geospatial workflows