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Penmap for fun - Locate all hidden Easter eggs.

Blog Post created by Thomas Schucker on Apr 24, 2019

Penmap for fun - Locate all hidden Easter eggs.


Building upon my recent article, Penmap for fun - What Penmap can do when you have to pick up fruits , here's another very useful application for Penmap.

In Germany it is very common to hide Easter eggs and gifts for the children. To search for eggs and gifts makes a lot of fun, not only for the children. The eggs and gifts are hidden in the backyard or somewhere else outdoors. Sometimes it happens that not all eggs and gifts are found again.


This is where Penmap comes in.




Before you start to hide things, just pick up your Trimble TDC150, equipped with Penmap. Capture the position and some attributes for each egg or gift you hide.

This is very easy with Penmap, especially if you have already adjusted your project template accordingly. It’s more or less a normal data collection, like you do in your daily work.


Ok, not only for one item, like in the video, but I am sure, you will manage also the others...

Now, everything is prepared for the kids, to start searching.

And Action - start searching now


Normally the kids start now to search for the eggs. They start walking through the backyard and try to find the eggs. This is funny. But they could have even more fun and you can also bring them closer to your daily work. You should give them a short introduction on how to do a stakeout with Penmap and the TDC150. This will give them the ability to find the eggs faster. Trust me they will like that.

This could look like this:


You can also train them to do a “line stakeout” or follow an “Easter bunny shape” via “Navigate Line” feature.



So do not hesitate and go straight to the Trimble dealer and prepare yourself for Easter next year. Get a Penmap template for the first eggs for free.


Maybe you would like to say: To much overhead for some Easter eggs. You maybe right, but what I want to show with this short example is:


You are an expert in what you are doing. Think outside the box and find out what else Penmapcan do for you, where you can get value of.


Happy thinking and a lot of fun for you and your kids. :-)


Images and videos were made with Trimble TDC150 and Penmap version 10.8.6