Rob Koot

What is Trimble Access Pipelines?

Blog Post created by Rob Koot on Mar 9, 2016

Trimble Access Pipelines is a comprehensive application designed for surveyors performing pipeline surveys:

  • Create tally files - collect joint attribute data
  • Create weld maps - record the relationship between a weld and joint ahead and joint behind
  • As-built pipelines - survey the welds, and by simply entering the weld ID, identify the joints referenced in the weld map and from these all the attributes related to those joints


When the weld is measured, all the weld, joint ahead and joint behind attributes are recorded with the weld measurement.

Recording joint, weld and bend attributes while the pipeline is still above ground, and then having this information available for recording during the asbuilt surveys is the main workflow.


But Pipelines does a lot more:

  • Merging tally and joint map files from multiple crews into Master set
  • Automated PUP creation
  • Automated cover computations
  • Automated cover checks to ensure minimum cover is achieved
  • Automated distance check between measured welds and joint length recorded in the tally
  • Bar code scanner support
  • Photo support
  • Corridors - warnings if you measure outside the working corridor

  • Exclusion zones - warnings when you enter an exclusion zone

  • Slope stationing

  • Ahead and back stationing

  • Measuring with a laser rangefinder, and averaging 3 laser shots

  • Compute deflection angles

  • Compute crossing angles and separation
  • Printing joint attributes on a P4T mobile Bluetooth printer
  • Reporting


For more information see the links available at Product Resources, and Pipelines Help PDF file available from the Documentation tab: