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Wesley Brown
Hello,    I recently processed GPS data at 11 points in network mode using Trimble Business Center.  I was able to export the points to obtain their coordinates.  What I have not been able to obtain is the standard deviations of the coordinates for each point.  Does anyone know how to get the standard deviations?  I need to know the accuracy of… (Show more)
Ralph Wakeling
Click to view contentI am using TBC 5.00.  When i bring in my scan data from a SX10 the data imports ok but i get the following error code when I try to colorize.  I just got a new desktop computer and its Windows 10.  Any ideas how I can fix this?
Brent George
Can you change the settings within the Level Editor utility to show adjusted elevation to more than 3 decimal places? When extracting reports the raw data does show more decimal places, but the viewable screen does not.
Brent George
The time displayed in a Trimble DiNi Level DAT file, and the Level Editor report, appears to show the seconds to 3 decimal places. ie:  14:41:231  The third decimal place is always"1".  WHY is this?  Can it be removed, as when I export it to (say) to a MSExcel document for editing and tidier reporting, it does not transfer tidily.   Or is this a… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Click to view contentDid you know you can use the *.SHX file to assure that your point symbols used in TBC translate exactly into AutoCAD?  Thanks to Evelina from TBC’s QA team, here’s how...   Symbols can be assigned to points in TBC using the Point Symbol command.     However, when you export a DXF or a DWG from the Export command in TBC, the point symbols are… (Show more)
Joel Vazquez
Hi, I'm a user of TBC and I have a problem when processing some .jxl and .job, the version that I have in the company's computer is 3.90. Some of the scans that i try to process come up a pop up saying "Import error" when I view the summary report its seem that the .jxl its not link in the folder where are the photos that generate the scan. 
Saif Bin Darwish
I am having some issues with TBC-GIS Module.   1. Decimal Values - Not respecting set properties.   See attached  "ScreenShot-1". Decimal numbers are set to zero in the FXL file. Yet there are two decimal values by default for "Object ID". This is true for all numerals. How to set to Integer only? and enforce it.   2. After creating properties,… (Show more)
Sudam Fernando
Click to view contentThe introduction of Trimble’s SX10 made it possible to combine survey data with scan data. With the ability to capture point clouds and imagery using a total station with survey workflow, almost eliminating the need for the registration process back in the office. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made in the field and alter our data from the field.… (Show more)
Dustin Spillman
We are having an issue with our FXL file when loaded to a project on our TSC3.  When the fxl file is loaded and the PC goes to review the map, no points are displayed and no DXF is displayed.  When the FXL file is removed from the project, and the PC goes to the review the map the points are displayed as well as the DXF.    Any thoughts or… (Show more)
Owen Mullinax
Say you have points 200-300 stored in a TBC job, grid, set to control quality. You want to change these to Survey or Unknown without going through the project explorer one by one. Is there a way to do this as a batch process? One can always export, delete them, then re-import to correct quality, but that is a bit of an absurd way to do something… (Show more)
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