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Ben Ryschon
I was wondering if there was a way to offset a point cloud.    Thanks, Ben
Mike Baturan
Have trimble cu 1 controller with sc 12.50. Is it going to work R2 gnss? Intend to use R2 as ntrip VRS rover only No RTX use.
Sudam Fernando
Click to view contentPDF drawings of plan sets contain copious amounts of useful information such as line works, structures, elevations, contours and other information. However, did you know that you can convert these PDF’s into CAD objects to be used for data prep, surface creation and other operations straight within Trimble Business Center ?   Before we get started… (Show more)
Titus Emanuel
Click to view contentWhen I construct a slope from a line to a surface, I get a wrong result! TBC creates the blue line, but the yellow line is correct.   I know that this issue is described in the TBC-manual and you can get a better result if you reduce the step size, but that is not practical. With a small step size I get a lot of unnecessary points on the slope… (Show more)
David Hall
I'm not sure how Trimble creates their .ggf files, but on Monday December 9th the NGS is going to announce:     NGS Industry Partners- I am writing to give you advance notice of a Critical Update to the GEOID18 little endian and ascii grid files. If you or your team downloaded and used either of these grid file types prior to November 26th, 2019… (Show more)
Jeffrey Ryan
Click to view contentDear TBC users,     The GEOID18 grid files in the little endian and ASCII grid formats that were posted by NGS prior to November 26, 2019, contained errors in a small percentage of the grid cells (1 in 500). NGS has corrected the errors and replaced these files. Therefore, the TBC team has since incorporated these critical changes in the… (Show more)
John Mill
Is there a way to select points inside a CAD Linestring (like the Terramodel command "Inside") ?   I have multiple Sections of a Twin Tunnel that I want to Assign Chainage Values to Points but they vary slightly in/out of Chainage ranges and I have to remove lots extraneous points manually if I increase the range
Ken Moscetti
When attempting to run an As-Staked Report from the Report menu pull down; the following notice appears. Can anyone provide a resolve? Exception Count:       1 Exception Source:      Trimble.Vce.UI.Reports Exception Type:        System.NullReferenceException Exception Message:     Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Exception… (Show more)
Barry M Allen
If I have a Trimble Geo7X Survey with Trimble Access can I download usable GPS data with Pathfinder software
Titus Emanuel
Click to view contentI use TBC 5.20. I created two surfaces. The shading-settings for the planview are set to "by colour". One surface is red, the other one ist blue. I want to print the surfaces using a dynaview. But in the dynaview, both surfaces show the same colour! Both are red, maybe, because the red one was the first one I created. Please look at the attached… (Show more)
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