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Erin Johnson
Click to view contentGood morning TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to export your extracted feature attributes to an external GIS software? Well, today I will be demonstrating the Export Feature Attributes command. The Export Feature Attributes command exports feature attributes from your TBC project to Excel or as a CSV spreadsheet file. Each record in the exported file… (Show more)
Riley Smith
Click to view contentHello Everyone,   This group was formed as a general public forum for all things Trimble Business Center (TBC).  Some of the the information you can find here is: How can I....? - FAQ and other user questions Why TBC? - Detailed videos on new features and how to improve your surveying workflows What's new? - Information on the most current TBC… (Show more)
in Trimble Business Center Group
Uwe Cerny
When i import an jxl-file in TBC 5.32. i became an error, that the transformation is not correct. The coordinate system is UTM Zone 32(zE-N).  On the TSC7 the system is the same. In field it was possible to meassure and everything seams to be good. In earlier versions i make a new clear project (metric scale only) and then import the jxl.-file… (Show more)
Duane Mast
Hello, is there a way to edit the "properties" so that when you select a line, you would be able to view the bearing of the line along with the elevation and distance? seems that this is missing from being in is a pain (sic) to have to use the inverse command just to view the bearing of a line that is already created thanks
Jean-Marc Dambra
 Data disappearing form screen when computation button is press or plan view scale is change. 
Juan Serpas
Can we downgrade form TA 2020.10 to TA 2019.11 using TIM. Is there any precautions we have to take for doing so?
Ross Chaloupka
We have a project where we have tilt error limits we have to adhere to.  We set our limit in Access.  When we look at the jxl file it shows no excess tilt Warning or Excess tilt at Storage but in the Vector spreadsheet it shows a tilt error of over 1.2'. How is this occurring and where in the jxl file is the data that is used to compute this 1.2'… (Show more)
Ross McAtamney
It would be good to be able to specify a specific layer that the CSV file being imported is put onto.   This will save time by importing a file, selecting the data, changing the layer, importing the next file.
Ross McAtamney
Can we get Structured/Gridded file formats for point cloud formats out of TBC the same as we can get out of TRW? There is a high demand for structured/Gridded data for exports such as E57 and RCP, and currently we can't get this out of TBC and the data needs to be shifted to TRW to just do the export resulting in a VERY expensive file converter… (Show more)
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