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Ross McAtamney
In access notes are attached to a point, however to get to this information in TBC users need to go to the imported files section and view them there. While they are stored against a point ID, it feels like they are being stored as an afterthought and it doesn't feel like they are attached to the data meaning they can be easily missed and hard to… (Show more)
Sudam Fernando
Click to view contentWe have all had times when we have created surfaces but there are unnecessary surface triangles in our surface model. Yes, we can clean these triangles using the ‘Trim Surface Edge’ command but using today’s tip you can easily remove those unnecessary surface triangles using one simple trick !    Below we have a point cloud region of which we will… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Click to view contentSeptember 25th at 8am Mountain time As geospatial and construction deliverables continue to build more efficient and productive BIM workflows, an increasingly popular format for data exchange between all parties is the IFC (Industry Foundational Classes) format. Trimble enables surveyors to join BIM workflows with the recent enhancements to… (Show more)
Carsten Merkel
How can I see the notes, I added to my measurements in the field, in a pointlist / spreadsheet in TBC?
Hyunsup Song
Click to view contentI tried to process MX9 data for registration with GCP in TBC v5.11   But, I got the below error message.     In this case what is the problem and what should I do with this error?
Dene Oehme
I'm trying my best to like TBC.  A lot of the things it does are quick/clever but if the TBC developers want it to be all things to all users, they've still got a long way to go with the basic CAD functions.  I'd suggest getting someone to show them just how easy AutoDesk/Civil3D is to use with regards to basic CAD linework.  It's not a matter of… (Show more)
This week I learned that the TSC7 would work with the old 5600 Total Stations if I would downgrade Access to Version 2017-23. Please consider including support for the 5600 in future updates. There is no better TS for tracking in wooded areas and that includes the SX10. Thank you
Anthony Hanlon
What happened to Project Settings > Computations > Traverse in TBC 5.10? I have 5.10.1 from an enterprise deployment and I can't set my travers horizontal and vertical precision tolerances because the setting is not there. The program is defaulting to 1:25000 for horizontal and 1:12500 for vertical from a previous installation (I believe). Can I… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Click to view contentDid you know you can use the *.SHX file to assure that your point symbols used in TBC translate exactly into AutoCAD?  Thanks to Evelina from TBC’s QA team, here’s how...   Symbols can be assigned to points in TBC using the Point Symbol command.     However, when you export a DXF or a DWG from the Export command in TBC, the point symbols are… (Show more)
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