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December TBC Power Hour: The TBC Team... Live!

Blog Post created by Joe Blecha on Dec 12, 2017
December TBC Power Hour: The TBC Team... Live!
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
For a TBC holiday special, the December Power Hour will be a live session with the agenda set by you, our customers, distribution partners, and TBC enthusiasts! Send us your TBC questions ahead of the session and we’ll have the TBC Marketing and Engineering team answer live! If your question is answered during the session, we've got a TBC - From Field to Finish t-shirt to send to you too.
We will open this hour up for workflow discussion, command advice, tips-and-tricks, and personal survey anecdotes, so feel free to submit questions ranging from technical to subjective.
In answering, you’ll meet some of the people behind TBC and get to know their work and personalities. And, we’ll show you the resources and learning tools at your disposal to implement TBC for your survey project needs.
This session is for everyone, from the seasoned TBC veteran to the new surveyor looking for a single survey office software package.
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