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Blog Post created by Joe Blecha on Aug 7, 2018

Here you'll find links to recordings and tentative schedules for the TBC Power Hour sessions:



August - Volumetric Computation Workflows

September - Survey Feature Coding and Attribution

October - How to integrate total station, level, and GNSS data

November - How to seamlessly integrate Survey data with GIS data

December - Trimble V10 Point Clouds From Pictures: Data Capture and Processing Demonstration



January - Working with Level Data

February - Efficiently Create Survey Drafting Deliverables

March - Integrating RTK, Total Station, Level and User Entered Data

April - Working with Total Station Data

May - Network Adjustment Workflows and Best Practices

June - Advanced Drafting Workflows

July - Efficient As Staked Workflows using TBC and Trimble Access

August - Utilizing Trimble Access Pipelines Module and TBC to Streamline Pipeline Workflows

September - Baseline Processing Workflows

October - Topographic Map Creation Using Trimble SX10

November - Trimble SX10 Roading and Corridor Workflows using Trimble Access and TBC

December - UAS Processing using new TBC/UASMaster Workflows



January - New TBC Tools For Cadastral Survey Workflows

February - Data Traceability Using Customized Reporting

March - Streamlining Workflows Using Templates, Styles, and Libraries

April - TBC for Machine Control

May - Enhance Your Deliverables Using Trimble VISION and TBC

June - Field to Finish with Confidence

July - Defining + Working with Grid + Ground Coordinates

August - Traverse Adjustment vs. Network Adjustment

September - Introducing Trimble Clarity

October - Legal Description Writer and Map Closures in TBC

November - Site Calibrations and Local Site Settings

December - The TBC Team... Live! - December 20th - Session 1 and Session 2



January - Working with Point Clouds in TBC

February - BIM for Land Surveyors

March - COGO Routines in TBC

April - WYDOT Presents Roading Workflows in TBC

May - Going Underground in TBC... with Tunnels

June - Going Vertical in TBC... with Projected Surfaces

July - The Latest TBC Cadastral Workflows: Re-establishing Corners, Ground Labeling, Survey Plats, + More

August - Processing Delair UX11 Aerial Data in TBC

September - Office to Field Workflows using Trimble Sync Manager

October - Autodesk Interoperability and TBC Feature Coding

November - Three Survey Construction Workflows in TBC v5.00

December - The TBC Team... Live! Part 2



January - Using SX10 and Sonarmite Data Together in TBC

February - MX9 Mobile Mapping Workflows in TBC 

March - TBC Cutting Plane Workflows

April - Scanning Workflows in TBC for Street Topo and Structural Facades

May - Relative Positional Precisions – TBC’s Network Adjustment + NSPS/ALTA Allowable Relative Tolerance Report

June - Site Modeling in TBC

July - Corridor Modeling in TBC

August - Working with Trimble's Coordinate System Manager

September - IFC Workflows in TBC and Trimble Access

October - Introducing the X7 Scanning Solution with TBC

November - Visualizing Point Clouds Online with Trimble Clarity

December - TBC Team Live



January - New v5.20 Mobile Mapping Features
February - Augmented Reality Workflows with SiteVision


March... double the power, double the hour, double the TBC showcase as your single survey office CAD platform!

March 18 - Processing WingtraOne Drone Imagery - register here

March 25 - Find and Correct Common Field Data Errors - register here


Got a suggestion for a TBC Power Hour topic?  Want your favorite TBC personalities to break down a specific topic or workflow in TBC?  Comment below!