Erin Johnson

Tip #110: Create Surface Intersection Lines

Blog Post created by Erin Johnson on May 29, 2020

Good morning TBC’ers! Today I will be demonstrating a new surface command in TBC v5.30: the create surface intersection lines command. The create surface intersection lines command is used to create linestrings at the intersection of two surfaces. To open the command, navigate to the surfaces ribbon, and hit “Surface Intersect Lines” under create:


In the create surface intersection lines command pane, make any changes in the line settings field as necessary. You can enter in a name, choose your layer, and adjust the line style, scale, and color. The name field is optional; if you do enter a name, all intersection lines will have the same name. Next, in the surfaces group, select two intersecting surfaces for which you want to create linestrings. Now we are ready to click apply:


We can see the resulting linestrings in black (or whatever color you chose in your input settings) by zooming into the plan view or 3D view:


Turning off our surfaces in the view filter manager can give us a clearer view of the resulting linestrings as well:


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you are working with surfaces in TBC!