• FXL Creation from scratch - Process Tear-down

    I have spent the last couple of days putting an existing code library into an FXL, and wanted to share some pain, thoughts and feelings on the process for anyone interested.   I also want to share some pain...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC 5.31 How to remove unused layers

    I am using TBC 5.31 and when I go to the layer manager, for some reason, I can not remove unused layers? It says "all layers are protected or used" but there are many unused layers in my drawing I am able to do...
    Juan Serpas
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  • TBC v5.31 - Processing Feature Codes

    Hello,   I am trying to find out what would be the best way to manage large data sets (few years of data collecting, 100's of thousand of points) using Trimble Business Centre.   I would like to be able to...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • Tip #117: Release Notes Shortcut

    Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever installed a new version of TBC and wished you could easily pinpoint new commands or enhancements? Well today I will be showing a quick shortcut in TBC to access Release Notes....
    Erin Johnson
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  • Point Cloud Regions Missing Data after Crash

    I was recently working on a file for hours and kept putting off saving for some reason, big mistake!  Save Often!  I am working in 5.3 with SX10 scan data.  I have 8 scans in the drawing and was cleanin...
    Bradley Limbo
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  • Increase Memory able to be used by TBC past Half available.

    Can we look at increasing the available memory TBC can use on a machine? It is currently set to 2GB by default for point clouds, this can manually be increased in the Options window to half the available memory on the...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • Can we improve how field notes are shown in TBC?

    In access notes are attached to a point, however to get to this information in TBC users need to go to the imported files section and view them there. While they are stored against a point ID, it feels like they are b...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC Tips

    Here you'll find all TBC Tips linked and accessible for viewing (and re-viewing!): To download a PDF containing all below tips (as of April 1, 2019) click here.   Field Data #4 - Spreadsheets - February 20...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Tip #118: The Edit Shortcut

    Good morning TBC’ers! Do you have different types of objects in your TBC project and wish there was a centralized way to edit different data types?   Well today I will be demonstrating a useful shortcut fro...
    Erin Johnson
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  • RCP export scaling error of SX10 scans, v5.21

    Last summer I exported a RCP file and I was able to get it to align perfectly with survey points in a dwg file, which was probably with TBC v5.1.  Now with v5.21 it seems RCP export is always scaling to "ground"....
    Robert Hoy
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  • TBC Power Hour Vault

    Up Next:  REGISTER TODAY!  Working with the Create Vertical Design Tool in TBC In this Trimble Business Center Power Hour, Alan Sharp will discuss the TBC Create Vertical Design tool with Pat L’Heureux...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Can TBC use Geodetic Bearings?

    When using GLO notes is there a way to use the geodetic bearings for my calculations?
    James Barnett
    created by James Barnett
  • Error trying to upload back to A GIS Data source

    I have tried to write back to a test geodatabase and everything worked fine the test geodatabase was pretty basic with one feature class with no coded values, but when given a larger geodatabase this is the error I ru...
    Casey Boyd
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  • Data disappearing TBC 5.30

     Data disappearing form screen when computation button is press or plan view scale is change. 
    Jean-Marc Dambra
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  • What causes Select by Feature Code to be inconsistent?

    I'm pretty new at TBC and I'm trying to select all of the points in my project with a particular Feature Code (231 in this case). It's behaving in a very inconsistent manner. Using the Select Points tool under Selecti...
    NC Short
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  • Where can I download TBC version 4.10?

    I have 2 licenses for TBC version 4.10 and I need to update one computer from version 4.00 to 4.10.   Where can I go to download version 4.10?
    Jeffery Sortman
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  • Tip of the Week #42 - TBC Point Symbols in AutoCAD

    Did you know you can use the *.SHX file to assure that your point symbols used in TBC translate exactly into AutoCAD?  Thanks to Evelina from TBC’s QA team, here’s how...   Symbols can be a...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Coordinate System error exporting GCS900 machine file

      I am getting this error when I try to export a GCS900 machine from a particular job site. Any help would be appreciated.
    Allen Dockery
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  • Error trying to Post Process PPK Survey using VRS Virtual Base Point Download

    Hi,   Has anybody ever encountered this error whilst trying to post process a PPK survey using the VRS Virtual Base Point Download.  I am recently new to TBC.  The survey was completed using Trimble R1...
    Colin Haining
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  • Tip #116 - The Surface Slicer View

    Good afternoon TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to quickly display a cross-section view of a surface? Well today I will be demonstrating the Surface Slicer View command. The Surface Slicer View command slices verti...
    Erin Johnson
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