• TBC Tips Vault

    Here you'll find all TBC Tips linked and accessible for viewing (and re-viewing!): To download a PDF containing all below tips (as of April 1, 2019) click here.     Field Data #4 - Spreadsheets - Febru...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Tip #84 : Adding to layer using the plan view

    In TBC, we are always looking for ways to make our workflows as fast as possible. Today I will show you another way to minimize your clicking and scrolling time.    Let us look at the data set below, it is a...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • National Geodetic Survey seeking input on GNSS Vector Exchange (GVX) file format

    Greetings Folks, sharing this link here in the hopes that some of the Trimble developers may see it and be interested in providing any feedback.  One potential with this file format is to allow users to upload RT...
  • Tip # 83 : Scan registration QA using cutting plane view

    Whenever we use scan data, we want to make sure that the scans are properly registered to each other. There may be some cases where the imported data may look registered but it isn't quite so. Using today’s tip ...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • New MTA Features in TBC Version 5.11?

    What does that new selection options in the MTA-configuration mean?   - Default - Rail - PowerLines   Especially the option "Rail" sounds really interessting for me because we capture hundrets of kilomet...
    Andreas Werner
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  • TSC7 saved photo location

    Is it possible to change the default saved photo location on the TSC7 from Camera roll to C:\ProgramData\Trimble|Trimble data\Projects\?  When I select in "Settings" Change where new content is saved and select t...
    David Given
    created by David Given
  • TBC Power Hour Vault

    Here you'll find links to recordings and tentative schedules for the TBC Power Hour sessions:   2015 August - Volumetric Computation Workflows September - Survey Feature Coding and Attribution October - How t...
    Joe Blecha
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  • TBC not handling my Site Calibration

    Is someone able to assist please? I carried out a site calibration using Trimble Access and had no issues whatsoever. When importing the files into TBC however I am unable to process the site calibration and get the f...
    Julian Flynn
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  • Converting a Linestring to an RXL file for Staking.

    We stake the 3d TBC linestrings (Curb, EP,etc) with Trimble Access by converting them to Alignments and using- Export >Corridor>Rxl road exporter from alignment.   I have attached some snaps below to illus...
    Tom Mauriello
    created by Tom Mauriello
  • TBC import error

    I have a customer who has been receiving this error message when importing survey data into TBC, he is running the free version of TBC (V3.4). He says he only sometimes receives this error message and in turn has to m...
    Kirk van Maanen
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  • Tip of the Week #33 - Easy *.job to *.jxl file conversion

    Did you know there is a quick way to convert binary *.job files from Trimble Access into *.jxl files that can be opened in a text editor for review or re-imported into different versions of Trimble Access?  The c...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Datum Adjustment for Point Clouds

    Possibly this already exists however I am not finding it. I think it would be very helpful to have a tool that would allow a vertical shit (either +/-) to a point cloud group, without having to re-run though the refer...
    James Nicolau
    created by James Nicolau
  • MrSid image files into TBC?

    Can we import MrSid format image files into TBC
    Jesse Kozlowski
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  • Tip # 82 : Lock leveled scan data for registration and georeferencing purposes

    Ever been worried that TBC may not be holding the levelness of your scans and tilting them when it performs registration ? Well you can say goodbye to your worries because of TBC’s new functionality of holding l...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • TBC 5.10 Enterprise Deployment

    I'm trying to deploy Trimble Business Center 5.10 through SCCM but I can't seem to find a good enterprise deployment guide. We don't want to give users Admin rights to the PC since some of our users are out in the fie...
    Derek Woodruff
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  • TBC August Power Hour Announcement!

    Wednesday, August 28th - 8am MDT Working with Coordinate System Manager (CSM) If you are a beginner or a long-time user of TBC or Trimble Access, chances are you’ve used the Coordinate System Manager (CSM) utili...
    Joe Blecha
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  • New to TBC?  These two videos will help you get started

    If you are new to TBC, welcome!  We are glad that you've chosen our product and hope you enjoy discovering the survey data processing, CAD capabilities, point cloud tools, deliverable creation options, and more f...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Why does feature linework not draw in point number order?

    When we combine multiple jobs files and send out a single job file with all the points the linework jumps. Example: point 31101 (edge of asphalt) 1549 ea      Inverse between 31101 &am...
    James Barnett
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  • Auto Extract Quarry/Pit Linework

    Hi TBC Users,   Wondering if anyone knows how to auto extract toe and crest linework from a design quarry/mining pit?   I was thinking along the lines of altering the view properties by shading by slope ra...
    Gareth Piercey
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  • Third party GNSS antenna identification

    Does anyone know how to define GNSS antenna in TBC? Is file Antenna.ini to be modified ? I want to do is identify the antenna model when I import the rinex file of the leica GNSS
    junning wang
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