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Blog Post created by Quan Mueller on Jan 30, 2020

Revenant Solutions LLC is an independent software developer based in Westminster, Colorado.


After developing Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition for 12 years, Revenant Solutions was formed in 2018 with the express purpose of providing TML and TBC development services to the TBC Community.  Today we provide two types of services: software development contracting and commercial TMLs.


TML Development Contracting


You hire us to help you develop your TMLs.  We bring the TBC expertise and do the coding, but the code and IP (intellectual property) are yours.  We just help you make it happen.


  • An experienced independent contractor


We have served multiple clients, large and small, locally in Colorado and remotely.  We have template forms for NDAs, contractor agreements, work orders, etc., and are ready to do business "corp-to-corp".


  • Experienced in developing on the TBC software platform


We wrote code in every level of the architecture, taught TBC platform classes to other Trimble developers, and for areas we're not as familiar with, we know where to look and what to look for, and have good relationships with the dev team to figure out what's possible.


  • Experienced with the Rockpile TML service


If you want your TMLs to generate some revenue or control access using the Rockpile licensing system, we can help you - because we use it too.  We were the first independent "provider" added to the service outside Rockpile, and have created processes to get skeleton TMLs up and available on the service quickly.


Revenant TMLs


With the release of the TML subscription service by Rockpile Solutions, Revenant has also started development of its own commercial TMLs, to be made available on the Rockpile service.


Given our background and experience on the BC-HCE team, and our mission to meet the needs of the community using "software in the small", these are some TML areas we are naturally looking at:


  • General usability, workflow, and productivity related features
  • Construction modeling and data flows
  • Workflows related to construction devices (machine control, site controllers, drilling, piling)
  • Community requests


How to get involved


Want to start a TML contracting project?


Email projects@revenantsolutions.com to get the conversation started.


Have a request for the next Revenant TML?


Email ideas@revenantsolutions.com to see where it fits in our roadmap.  If your idea is developed, you'll get an invite to the closed Alpha test.


Want to meet up in-person?


Email quan@revenantsolutions.com if you're in the Denver, Colorado area, or catch us at a Power Users Group training event in Colorado or at Dimensions!