Feature Request - Filled Closed Lines in a Design

Idea created by Katie Byron on Mar 26, 2019
    • Tom Miller
    • junning wang

    Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it yet, but I would like to be able to export closed linework into a design for both SCS900 and Siteworks where the line carries the "draw filled" property into the design. As of right now, I can see it in TBC but I assume SCS900 and Siteworks cannot read it. I want to avoid loading up hatch files that would likely lag the data collectors or having to tediously create my own hatch using linework.


    Another option would potentially be avoidance zones particular to a single design. But I would prefer my first option.


    For example, if you have a design that called for two different types of geotextiles or grids, etc., you would be able to create a single design file for the field. This way the surveyor can see their crosshair location in a shaded colour for the particular material type that was called for  without having to zoom out (not ideal for extremely large site) and tap and hold on lines to read the line name. Eventually they would grow accustomed to material A is red and material B is orange and so on.


    Any help or improvement on the idea would be great!