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Corridor Side Slope Last Intersection

Discussion created by Wayne Welshans on Mar 21, 2019
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In Terramodel, when defining a tie slope shape, you could choose whether to have that shape tie into the first intersection with the original ground or the last intersection with the original ground.  The last intersection option was necessary for a lot of the work we do rebuilding existing roads projecting a proposed side slope down the face of an existing one and having the proposed slope continue to project through all the little humps and bumps in the existing surface until it hits the bottom.  As far as I can tell there is no comparable option in TBC.  The best I can do is add several side slope instructions one after the other.  I've tried using the conditional instructions with moderate success but I don't think my liver can handle that method much longer.  Does anybody have a better work around?  If not, can we please add this to the enhancement list?  It could be something as simple as a pair of radio buttons on the side slope instruction where you choose first or last intersection.