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Dane Myran
I am running into a problem or bug when exporting designs.   About half of the time when I select Machine Job Site Design exporter from the Export menu under construction TBCfreezes completely. I am left with no option except to go into task manager and force close the program. It is not file dependent as the same file will not do it all the

Buck Lawson
I am building an MSE Wall so I am using a lot of offset lines to get the different layers and lines. I keep offsetting lines and they will cut off the steps of the level pad on an angle instead of with a .01 offset on the verticals. Does anyone know why this happens and how to model to prevent it?
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Samuel Egelhoff
THIS ONLY OCCURS USING A 4K DISPLAY WITH TBC ON FULLSCREEN. I can make this happen in a brand new project from default template with no data in it. When I export a machine job site design every single time I enable MS990 compatibility, I can no longer use or click on TBC. I have to close the program which ends up locking my project files. Task