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Bruno Ribeiro
Hello,   Over the last days, I'm trying to login to Trimble Connect and I'm getting this Error: HTTP Status 400 - Bad Requesttype Status report message Bad Request description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (Bad Request). JBoss Web/7.0.13.Final  Because of this I only can access TC through the

Harjanto Samat
Why is the H- and V-precision (RTK-survey) doubled in trimble TBC.?. The H-and V-precision in TBC is 2X the precision in my controller. Why?.....How come???
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Peter Jeanes
Hi all, Has anyone established a workaround for connecting to adhoc networks, like on an SNM940 for example? Obviously a cable can still be used. There are a number of posts online describing the process using command line but these still fail due to the BSS type for adhoc networks (IBSS) being no longer supported by the WLAN card