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Perth Survey
Hi, I'm currently using Trimble Catalyst to position within ArcGIS Collector. I have installed TMM, where I can see via GNSS subscription that Catalyst is achieving 30cm accuracy. I have stepped through the TMM and Collector set-up instructions: Configuring the correct GNSS Receiver Coordinate System In ESRI Collector

Nelson Hays
Hello   We need the spreadsheets for licensed features for all available versions.  Please add them to the new TCC interface.     Version 4.1 is now available, but this sheet has not been released.   Thanks
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Cain Derickson
I am using HCE Ver 4.0 , Note that all the services are missing. You can see the main line water lines but the services are not there. The layers are on, and verified the layer names in TRue view. Is there a fix for this ? Kinda critical information.