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Zach Edwards
Myself and a customer are having an issue with photos or signature fields in TerraFlex (insphere). We can capture photos in the field but it doesn't seem to be going back up to insphere. Even when trying to export to KML (photos or hyperlinks), it's not working. I have tried both on Android (TDC 600) and my iPhone 8 with latest OS. Is there a

How do i Update/refresh models in Trimble, for example i save my DWG in autocad, how do i update so I can se the changes in Trimble?
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Jose Gonzalez
Importing and Exporting ToDos and BCFs ToDos is a helpful tool to assign, track and resolve issues with a model.  Authoring tools such as Tekla Structures and Revit can export BCFs for issue and task management which can then be imported to Trimble Connect as a ToDo.  The ToDo can then be assigned and prioritized with any project user.