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 Cannot get project info on staging environment

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Dmitrii Khizhniakov posted 11-20-2023 01:26


We're using staging environment ( for testing integration with Trimble Connect.

A few weeks ago we started facing an issue with some projects' information.

To list all of the projects we call GET API which returns the list of projects with some info.

I can see that some of the projects suddenly miss "createdBy" field.

For example I have a project ACTEST.dwg. For it I receive the following JSON:

  "id": "ATl1hxdVeeA",
  "name": "ACTEST.dwg",
  "rootId": "7cgYsPwGDWA",
  "thumbnail": "",
  "location": "northAmerica",
  "lastVisitedOn": "2022-12-12T08:52:31+0000",
  "modifiedOn": "2021-06-08T11:34:31+0000",
  "createdOn": "2019-06-24T10:37:59+0000",
  "updatedOn": "2022-12-12T09:46:08+0000",
  "updatedBy": {
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "id": "TF7nlYUkhpc",
    "tiduuid": "4be64463-5e99-4634-8ff8-d17f0983106b",
    "email": "",
    "firstName": "Dmitrii",
    "lastName": "Khizhniakov"
  "size": 142416,
  "filesCount": 3,
  "foldersCount": 2,
  "versionsCount": 14,
  "usersCount": 2,
  "license": {
  "access": "FULL_ACCESS"

Now if I try to get the project info with API call GET

I receive status code 500 and response {"message":"The operation failed. Please try again later","errorcode":"INTERNAL_ERROR"}

Similarly it doesn't work on the Trimble UI (see screenshot). Apparently this project is deleted or something?

If so - why it's still in the list?

Just for clarity - this is the project I've created a couple of years ago.

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Darshan Rajaram Kamat

Hi Dmitrii,

Trimble Connect team doesn't delete any projects. Stage environment is used for testing and frequent deployments. So this could be a temporary issue . Could you please send these details to the Support team ( , so that we can check. 


Darshan Kamat