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 Download Model Directly Into Tekla Structures?

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Alex Schectman posted 02-03-2023 06:02

Recently attempted to import a .rvt directly into TS with Trimble's official plugin. Result was unusable so I brought it up with support. Root cause remains unknown, but a workaround was suggested: upload .rvt to TC then download directly into TS via toolbar. This process supposedly converts the file to TrimBIM, which may remedy the issue. Exact screenshot shared attached, as well as what I see after clicking.

Models menu and TC Windows app showing same folders.Successfully uploaded .rvt to TC project directory but seeing no way to download/import into the model from this TS plugin/integration. Clicking the ellipses next to RVT then clicking "Attach model" just brings up a dialog to browse for and add a local file. TUA seems to describe attaching a local model, which defeats the purpose of using TC, so I'm a bit confused. Goal is to insert this file into the model space then run conversion. Please advise.
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Tero Laine
fyi everything gets converted to TrimBim, also when imported inside Tekla Structures. The challegne with rvt files is that is chooses which view to show and convert, there is no single view this is done. So content and presentation depends on the views...there is somewhere more documentation about it, but if rvt project has "Publish" view in it, then that is used for conversion.
In Trimble Connect, you can save models directly into Trimbim, and export whole view into Trimbim. trb is valid ref object in Tekla Structures since 2021. But that is not something you can convert into Tekla parts.
Always best and easiest to get rvt exported to IFC.