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 How do I select a single object from a DWG in TCM, and show extended properties?

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John-Henning Rath posted 01-25-2023 06:06
I've got a model with both IFCs and DWGs. Both types of files comes from Civil 3D and has objects with extended properties.
I can easily click on an object from the IFC file and get info.
When I click on an object from the DWG, the whole content of the DWG with all objects, are selected. I can't pick one object to see the properties.
Is there a way to choose how to select?
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Darshan Rajaram Kamat
Hi John,
Within Connect for Mobile, it is possible to select a single element in DWG file . 
Generally the object property and the 3D element ID depends on the way the file is created in the authoring application. 

If its ok with you , could you please share the file with our support team ( , so that we can try from our end and get back if there are any findings. 

Darshan Kamat