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 Point Cloud dissapear when I change saved view?

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Magnus Mellander posted 09-19-2022 02:46

I have not used point clouds in TC for maybe the last six months. But I have used it a lot before.

Now when click a saved view TC automatically hides the point cloud. I have to click the eye icon again to turn it on.

Why does this happen? Can I fix it in some way?

I have used point clouds a lot before and in many different projects and never had this issue.

I´m using the desktop version and have updated to the latest version.

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Jari Juntunen
Hello Magnus,

Most likely the behavior you describe happens due the point cloud related improvement that was introduced in the TC for Windows 1.15.0 release in April 2022.

In that release, the TC for Windows introduced an improvement in how the point cloud visibility is stored in the saved views: Now, when saving a new view, also the .PURL point cloud visibility status is saved into the view. And when the view is loaded, the point cloud is shown or hidden, based on the visibility at the time when the view was saved.

In your scenario, it might be that the view was created before the improvement was released and the default point cloud visibility status in that view is "hidden". So when load the view now with the latest TC for Windows version, the application hides the point clouds.

The steps to fix the problem above are:
  1. Load the original view 
  2. Show the point cloud from the point clouds tab
  3. Update the view by right clicking the view tile in the view strip and choose "Update" from the menu
  4. Now when loading the view, also the point cloud becomes visible

Kind regards,
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Magnus Mellander
Hello and thanks for your reply,
It doesn´t seem to help me though I´m sorry to say.
I have never used the "Add URL" function. I have only added point clouds from our local network. Maybe that is why it didn´t help me?
I tried both updating existing views and creating new ones but the same problem occur.
I also tried it in different projects with the same result.
Every time I click a saved view the point cloud turns off...
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Jari Juntunen
Hi Magnus,

I'm sorry to hear that the workaround didn't solve your problem. Could you please contact our support team with details of the problem at That would help our team to investigate the root cause.

Kind regards,