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Setting up sites for machine control

Question asked by ED Bosley on Mar 12, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by Alan Sharp

I am setting up the procedures to export design models to a large number of machines spread over a number of sites.


To try and simplify things, we will have 5 sites, containing approx. 20 sub areas which will contain multiple designs and material layers. The machines are going to be using SGS900 and Trimble Earthworks. Currently we are going to be sharing the data via TCC.


Our procedure so far is to create one MASTER project for each site. Within this master project we will control the background mapping and avoidance zones.

We will then create a TBC project for each sub area that will use the site described in the MASTER project and contain all of the relevant designs and machine allocation.

Using the MASTER project approach will allow us to make changes to the avoidance zones which will be copied across to all sub areas and designs.


During testing, this all appears to work well, I can make a change to the MASTER project, such as a change in avoidance zone and when I synchronise, all the sub projects are updated in TCC.


BUT when I then open one of the sub projects in TBC, Project Explorer identifies that the site is out of sync and highlighted in red. To remedy the out of sync warning I can update the site details - but these details are empty - so when I then synchronise the data the site information is replaced with the empty details in TCC. The work around is to ignore the out of sync warning in my sub projects.


Is this correct?


Maybe I have misunderstood the process? Hopefully someone can correct me, I am sure that this only the first of many questions to come?