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Trimble Post-Processing Service RTX

Question asked by john blaikie on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by john blaikie

Need help from a Trimble employee to help me understand the height of receiver (ARP) computation that the Post-Processing RTX Technology is calculating based on the user input measure to the Bottom of Antenna Mount when our crew is measuring to the Lever of R10 extension. It seems to me that a critical component is being left out of the ARP computation which is the height of the quick release.

For instance, if my crew measured 1.416m to the lever of R10 extension (0.15m) and the quick release is 0.05m, the height to bottom of antenna mount is 1.616m. HOWEVER, the post-processing service is lower by 0.05m (height of quick release). Since you can't use these receivers without the quick release when using the extension, why is this not accounted for in the post-processing service?