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R10-2 file formats

Question asked by John Hamilton on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by John Hamilton

I have a new R10-2 which was upgraded with ProPoint. Is there any way to get it to store data files as .T02? As far as I can tell it will only do .T04 (in the webUI under data files...). My understanding of the advantage of the .T04 format is that it can store IMU data as well as the GNSS data. I am using these receivers for static observations, and have no need for the IMU data. 


I have two older R10's (model 1, not able to be upgraded with ProPoint). They have a choice of .T02 or .T04. Also, I have an Alloy which gives a choice of .T02 or .T04. 


The significance is that runpkr00 (Trimble program to convert to other formats like .dat and .tgd) will not recognize .T04. 


If I use data transfer to download from the R10-2, it gives me a .T00 and a .dat.