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Tilos Update Mass Haul Dynamic Update Activities

Question asked by Gavin Jones on Apr 30, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Dave Crosby

Is there any way to dynamical update activities if you make a change to the mass haul diagram after you create the cut fill tasks?


Currently, if you change the mass haul qty this does not update the QTY cut fill activity (as this is not bi-directional 

or if you change the logic of the mass haul, for example, a stockpile location if you move the mass start and end distance, this does not update the activity location previously created)


Would be good if the following change could be made

1. Be able to add WBS to mass haul areas so when you create cut fill activities this assigns the correct WBS 

2. Ability to dynamical update mass haul/activities (QTY / Location / Hauls) Make the change in the mass Haul Diagram or Time Distance Cell

3. Also, the ability to create a cut/fill task in the time distance cell and it appears in the mass haul - this would to good for small change during a project.

4. Ability to split a mass area qty for any material change during a project