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New Trimble from Topcon

Question asked by Kenneth Gallant on May 16, 2020

Hello, I am a new Trimble user and I was wondering: Using access 2017 why do my topo point coordinates display as question marks? After resection when I take an observation in "Measure Topo" the coordinates are not displayed and all I see is "?". I am working in a construction layout setting and I am set up on a no projection, no datum ground coordinates system. It seems to store the points as MTA's or HA's. I am using the "Angles and Distance" method of observation. Also I am shooting F1/F2. I am about an hour into using this software and not really a surveyor more a construction layout guy that reads about surveying. I have been doing some complex layout and measuring using Topcon gear for about 4 years, self taught. What am I missing here. Also if it matters I am using a Spectra Focus 30 gun.