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Issue Connecting to SP80 Receiver Using R-Series Driver

Question asked by Charles Bisbee on Jun 16, 2020
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I am using the Xamarin TPSDK for Catalyst version 2020.0.82.19504 to connect to Trimble and Spectra Precision receivers. Using the R-Series driver I am successfully connecting to Trimble R-Series receivers in our mobile app and pulling in all the expected GNSS observations. However, as referenced in the answer in this post Trimble Receiver Naming Convention, I should be able to use the R-Series driver to connect to Spectra Precision devices. Currently I am unable to make the connection to the SP80 receiver I have which is running firmware version 3.46. When I go to connect I get an exception saying "Could not connect, the receiver is not supported (1)". Below is a snippet from the log file generated from our app.


TrimbleBluetoothCommunicatorDroid.BTListenerThread:  bt socket closed, read return: -1

TrimbleBluetoothCommunicatorDroid.Disconnect:  BT listener thread terminated

TrimbleBlutoothCommunicatorDroid.Disconnect:  Bluetooth communicator disconnected

TrimbleCatalystManagerDroid.connectToTrimbleSensor:    at Trimble.Ssi.DriverProxy.Common.Wrapper.ISensorProxy.connect (Trimble.Ssi.DriverProxy.Common.Wrapper.ConnectionSettingsProxy connectionSettings) [0x0002d] in <26049038f7f24ab670257b28d5147806>:0

  at Trimble.Ssi.DriverProxy.Common.Bridge.ProxySensor.Connect (Trimble.Ssi.Connection.ConnectionSettings connectionSettings) [0x000c9] in <26049038f7f24ab670257b28d5147806>:0

  at TrimbleSensorReaderDroid.connectToTrimbleSensor (TrimbleSensorReader+TrimbleConnectionType oTrimbleConnectionType, System.String szDeviceName) [0x00161] in <91eb2617aa6c434485af1597e21982d9>:0

TrimbleCatalystManagerDroid.connectToTrimbleSensor:  Could not connect, the receiver is not supported (1)


Additionally, when I try to connect to the SP80 in Trimble Mobile Manager using the R-Series driver the same issue happens (I can make the connection using the Spectra Precision driver).


I am not sure if maybe this is something wrong with my receiver setup or if maybe I am misunderstanding how to use the R-Series driver to connect to the SP80.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!