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TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

Question asked by Andy Deveney on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Hello All,

    I have a small project that sent us the vectorized PDF Cross Sections. After trying to import the PDF into TBC to use the 'digitize cross-section' tool, the software will not import the vector surface data from the sections. After searching around the community, I didn't see a similar problem with a fix. I had this happen before with no solution, which made me decide to post here. I have no CAD's of the sections and also tried reprinting them through various drivers, including Bluebeam and PDF Report Writer. I have attached the original PDF for reference. I have noticed it will pull in some vector data like the grid lines, for example. If I open the PDF in AutoCAD for example, it does see the vector info.

   Thank you for any assistance in advance, it is much appreciated!