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Connecting to an Android across the Trimble Universe of Software

Question asked by Joel Cusick on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by Matt Morris

Issue: A recently purchased TDC600 with access connected immediately to TBC 5.3 (after just one minor install).

Why couldn't this same device, or any other android connect so efficiently.  Trimble positions workflow for TerraFlex offline is, in a word horrible with TFIN / TFOUT file exchanging.



Positions steals whatever TBC is doing on a TDC 600 and allow the same root exposure of the directory where TFIN/TFOUT's would be placed for instant data transfer.


Super nice feature suggestion:  Like stepping back in a time machine, look at how powerful the Data transfer module was in PFO!  It even flags files that have been transferred on the device, and is an extra level of security - hey, did i transfer that file yet?    Build awareness in your software that a file, TFIN/TFOUT, Job file, has been transferred.  You would save a lot of heartache, and should be pretty easy to coordinate across the universe of software.


What was built years ago in PFO is worth visiting today.  Android file management in a word is nightmarish.