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Views not present in Trimble Connect online version with link

Question asked by Guest on Jun 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by Pavel Vlasak

When I open my online version of Trimble Connect, it allows me to see views that have been created.  But when I create an online link to send to our customers, that version does not have the ability to choose views.  This makes the online version that I send with a link useless to my customers because they would have to hide hundreds of individual items by hand to see the part of the building that they care about.  In my case the buildings are covered with hundreds of individual metal roof and wall sheets which each must be selected individually and hidden.


In my online version of Trimble Connect, I can see views that I've created in the desktop version where I've hidden all the items that they don't need to see like roof sheeting. This is very easy in the desktop version but very tedious in the online version.  But those views aren't available in the version that goes out with the link.  We've stopped sending our customers links because of this.



My online version of Trimble Connect does have views on the left


Trimble Connect open from link does not have views on the left