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Data Management between files?

Question asked by John Whidden on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by John Whidden

In Civil 3D we can use several dwg's to spread out the data load in more manageable units.

For example:

Dwg 1 - Existing survey data and surface file

Dwg 2 - Design data and surface file

Dwg 3 - As-built data and surfaces

Dwg 4 - The working file that has dynamic links to all of the surfaces, points, alignments, xref, etc.


This structure helps keep data organized, reduces file size and improves performance, limits data loss if a file becomes corrupted, etc. You can also open several files and copy/past between dwg's.


Right now I have a job with scan data, aerial lidar and many surfaces, performance is starting to suffer and the job is going to get much larger before it's completed. What is the best practice in TBC?