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MX9 Mobile Mapping Laser Calibration

Question asked by ABDULLAH AL MUHSI on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by ABDULLAH AL MUHSI

Hello, I am an new employee at Nikon-Trimble in Japan.


I was asked to calibrate laser scanners for a MX9 MMS. The MX9 was installed at a titled angle.


Point cloud data in TBC does not match in after post processed SBET file is imported into TBC and processed under the "Calibrate Laser Scanner" command.
I was asked to try out different data change in POSPac but I am not sure what I can change.


I am following the general workflow in TBC Manual and Video Manual from YouTube but there are not any specification as to what changes I can make in POSPac.


I have received installation angles for the MX9 system ( [Trident-InstallParams] Roll,  Pitch,  Heading; & DX DY DZ), but I am not sure where I can input these values to obtain a correct (different) laser calibration.
It has been set so that only the right laser is being used by the MX9 system.


Any help and support will be highly appreciated.   


Rui Wu could you please provide any support? I have been trying to make this work for the past 3 weeks.


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