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Filtering point cloud by angle of incidence and range

Question asked by John Whidden on Jul 9, 2020

Requested features

1. Step Angle – this would allow the user to set a parameter for each individual scan that
limited the display and use of scan points based on the angle of incidence between the
scanner and the object being scanned. For example:
a. if the user variable was set at 89.999 degrees, all points collected would be visible and
b. If the user variable was set to 45 degrees, only points that are on a surface of 45
degrees or less relative to the scanner would be visible and available for use.
2. Scan Distance – the ability to set minimum and maximum distances for point display and
use relative to each scan station.
The intent for these two additional features is for the them to be available to adjust each scan
at any time during the project. For example; if you are extracting features close to the scanner
you would set the max distance to remove all points beyond that range. If you reduce the Step
Angle, it will remove high angle points and provide cleaner data for modeling.
Both features are currently available in Polyworks.