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SX10 Tip

Discussion created by John Whidden on Jul 9, 2020

SX10 Prism Mode Range Error (1mm + 1.5ppm)

Go into EDM settings in Trimble Access and set the standard deviation to 0.1mm, the instrument will keep shooting until the Standard Deviation is achieved or it times out.

Standard Deviation for both angles and distances can be reduced through additional observations, to the best of my knowledge you can divide the standard deviation by the square root of the number of observations.

For Example: the √ 100 is 10. So (1000m observation x 1.5ppm) = 1.5mm + 1mm = 2.5mm / 10 = 0.25mm

Now it takes a while for a conventional total station to take 100 distance observations, the SX10 takes 1000's of observations per second and will keep taking observations until the std. dev. is achieved or timed out, usually done in 5 to 8 seconds while set at 0.1mm.

In my opinion the Trimble SX10 is one of the most precise Total Stations on the market today, and it has as much in common with laser trackers and it does conventional total stations.

Now this is a lot of theory, my experience is if you have a solid station setup and target at <200m, and you repeat distance observations 95%± of the observations will be plus or minus 0.2mm to 0.3mm from the mean.

This only works in standard mode and can be set for both prism and DR observations, prisms need to be fixed because it is almost impossible to hold it steady enough free hand.


I would like to hear from others to see if they were aware of this setting or any other hidden gems.