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S6 & S7 autolock issues using TSC 7 trimble access

Question asked by Ralph Wakeling on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2020 by Ralph Wakeling

About a month ago we updated out Trimble Access in our TSC7 data collector.  When we started using it in the field with our S6 and S7 total stations the autolock feature is working terrible.  It takes longer to lock if it locks at all, it has a hard time following the target, by the way is a 360 multi-track active target that emits a signal.  Every other shot we take you have to manually turn the instrument to the rough location of the target.  Sometimes it will be right on the target and we have to tell the instrument to search before it will lock on.  At first we thought it was our instrument but we connected to the same instrument with a TSC3 w/ trimble access and the autolock worked perfectly.  Anyone else having issues like this.  We can't be the only one.  It was working fine until we did the latest update to Access.