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Trimble Connect Viewer API Problems with GUID.

Question asked by 천덕 박 on Aug 3, 2020

Hi there,


I'm currently dealing with some JavaScript codes using Trimble Connect for Browser API.


Yes, I can connect to viewer, one's projects, objects or properties and so on with the API,

but there is no GUID in the result of getObjectProperties() and even in the actual web Viewer.


What i want to know is the Tekla Structures' object GUID (like 565EA80A-0000-1525-3134-343930343430), not .IFC's GUID (like 1MNgWA000EW34qD3amD3Gm).


Is there any methods in JS api that i can use for searching specific object's GUID?


And one more, Can i get or make the Viewer's Organizer properties with the API?

In the Viewer, I can see the properties i made with organizer, but with the api (getObjectProperties()), i can't see them.



Thank you all for reading.