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TBC v5.31 - Process Feature Codes

Question asked by Marian Plucinski on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by Joe Blecha



I am trying to find out what would be the best way to manage large data sets (few years of data collecting, 100's of thousand of points) using Trimble Business Centre.


I would like to be able to maintain all Features Attributes as collected in the field.

I am not so fussy about observations (terrestrial or vectors), regular Easting, Northing and Elevations are good enough for me.

Surely over time we will go thru few different FXL files, as new features will be added.


We will have a team of 6 ppl full time in the field, collecting data, doing set outs etc.

Each and everyone of them will process their data at the end of the day. Import JXL from Access to TBC, Process Feature Codes, draft missing Line Strings, remove unnecessary points and so on and so on.


I'd like data like that to be exported to VCL file and then imported to MASTER PROJECT where all the data will be kept.


That's where my problem starts, as data in VCL is a dependable data. If a point was measured using RTK, VCL will not include RTK Vector, therefore as soon as I will recalculate MASTER PROJECT (F4) I will loose all points that were captured using RTK.


Once Features are processed, I'd like to have all the Points/Lines/Polygons and all their Features Attributes together with their linestyles / colours / weights / blocks / labels "set in stone", permanently fixed.


What is the best way to break all dependencies? To stop new FXL's from reprocessing all the data? But to maintain all "Feature Attributes" collected in the field?


Any help will be much appreciated.