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corridor modelling needs more conditional instructions

Discussion created by Ronny Schneider on Aug 30, 2020
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I'd to create several zoned embankments lately were I ran into some limitations of the corridor template instructions.


I'd really like to combine conditions with "OR".  i.e. slope intersects surface1 or surface 2.

Which brings us to the next

As condition we really could use a "Node does exist" and "Slope does intersect slope/surface". 

i.e. referenced line (node number) does exist at this chainage then do it that way, otherwise differently

i.e. if a subgrade slope doesn't hit the Core or FSL surface than it needs to be done differently, more complicate. If it does hit it, then just do it.



Surface instruction could do with a limiting by simple "node" (reducing clicking, the first one is usually the alignment node anyway) and "node+offset". Right now I have to use the offset/elevation instruction first to create a help node. Depending on the complexity of the template those help nodes can make it unnecessary crowded. 



Please feel free to add more ideas.