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Anyone having issues importing SX10 point cloud data into TBC v5.32

Question asked by Bevan Macdonald on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2020 by Fredrik Bergstrom

Is anyone having issues with importing point clouds from the SX10 in TBC5.32? 


Importing the jxl into TBC it takes the same normal amount of time to import then collourize but there is nothing visable in TBC. Under the project manager you can enquire on the seperate scans and it says there are points within the point cloud but nothing shown. I got the same data and brought it into TBC 5.31 on another computer with no problems at all.


I have been in contact with the local Trimble reps in my area and they have the same issues. They were sighting that it might be something to do with the version of Access I am using (2020.01). I have updated this to 2020.10 but am yet to trial this with another scan.