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Corridor surface going crazy

Question asked by Wayne Welshans on Sep 14, 2020

This is an issue that I have run into several times in the past but usually too busy to bring it up, so here it goes now:  I attached an example of this happening.  The best way to explain it is probably just for a person to look at it.  If you go to the only corridor in the project "WBCBA" and edit the only template at 10+00 and scroll through from roughly 15+50 to 18+20 you'll see node number 12 jumps up and down as if the slope defining the segment from node 11 to 12 is being inversed repeatedly (its supposed to be using the slope from the finish grade defined from node 5 to 4).  In this case it only seems to actually show up in the generated surface a couple times, but sometimes it shows up dozens of times and is just slightly frustrating.  Can anybody see anything that I'm doing wrong in the template?  If not this seems like a bug, does it happen to anyone else?