Barry De Beer

Trimble Connect Desktop app behaving badly

Discussion created by Barry De Beer on Sep 17, 2020

Trimble Connect Desktop app behaving badly. 


Uploaded a new model yesterday and it failed to upload (dragged to desktop version). Closed the app and reopened desktop app only to find the MODEL.ifc file was missing. 

Opened the Web version to check and the previous versions were still there. End of work day so I went home checked on my home pc and the model file was there.. (Not latest version but previous versions were in tact.)


Got in to work this morning and reinstalled Trimble Connect desktop app(v1.10.3.261) but the model was missing. 


I asked a colleague with admin rights to upload a new version of model.ifc he experienced the same issue. model.ifc dissipated from his desktop version.  I opened the web vesion on my pc and it showed the new version of the file. 


an hour later he called me over and the model was back. 


Is this a server issue or is the desktop version of trimble connect faulty?


We have never had this issue with Trimble connect Desktop app and have been using Tekla structures (On Maintanance) for more than a decade.  Trimble connect for almost 5 years. 


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.