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Does any of the Trimble companies manufacture a prism pole with tilt sensor with long range wireless comm?

Question asked by Alexander Holsteinson on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by Alexander Holsteinson

Most mechanical total stations Trimble M3 users would like to have an intelligent prism pole with tilt sensor and 1,000 meters wireless comm range to record at each shot the slant or vertical error and recorded so that later either in Trimble Access or TBC it can be used for the network or traverse adjustments.       Maybe using the same tilt sensor used in the R10 GNNS with some wireless radio modifications (like the Ban Tam Radios for total stations from Hayes)?


Does any of the Trimble companies manufacture and sell this accessory?


Also it would good to add temperature and barometric pressure sensors at the prism pole to record and transmit to the Trimble M3 and robotic total stations the point PPM and compute the average PPM for the laser EDM shot compensation.