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how to create the center point of an arc/circle in Access?

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on Oct 7, 2020
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does anybody know a quick way to compute the center point of an arc/circle (from a DXF) in access?


I'm aware that you can set it out by selecting the arc and choosing stake method "center point of arc". Only drawback is that you can't show the deltas as Forward/Backwards like for a simple point, just grid deltas.


But is there a way to easily create it via the COGO functions and use it for additional COGO computations? In SCS900/Siteworks that is a no-brainer.


The only way I've found so far is to select the arc, review its properties, write down the center coordinate in a notepad, and manually key it in. That's a bit tedious.


If you've got a IFC solid you just have to select the circle face and it's straight away under right click/long tap, but with a DXF it seems to be awfully complicate.