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IFC and TTM in SiteVision

Question asked by Håkan Pettersson on Oct 12, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by Brendon Edge



I am trying to make a complete model of the worksite that I am on to make it easy to understand what it is that we are building for people that are visiting the site.


In doing this I have a couple of different TTM models for the roads and underground sewers. I also have two IFC models of the buildings that will be build on the premise that I would like to show togheter with the TTMs in SiteVision.


Is this possible?


I have managed to upload each IFC separately to SiteVision so that I can look at it in the correct placement. All the TTMs are also in the same VCL so that the roadnetwork can be viewed simultaneously. But it seems that I am not able to add the IFCs to the VCL file.


Is there another way this can be achieved? 


Thank you