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Site Mass Haul - Force Full Use Of Borrow and Waste Sites

Question asked by Fred Lusted on Oct 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by Alan Sharp



I am working on a bid for the earthworks of a decommissioned power station, to turn it into a new housing estate.  The earthworks strategy allows for completing a cut and fill to 1.5m below the formation level then placing 1.5m of clean fill up to the formation.  There are also a number of existing stockpiles on site which will all need to be used.  I have calculated the volumes using the takeoff module (and designed a formation level to balance the materials) but now I want to produce a mass haul for us to cost.  I have been playing around with it and it looks really useful.  My only issues are the stock piles and the 1.5m of clean cover.  I have created waste sites to be utilized for the clean cover and burrow sites at the location of the stock piles.  Is there a way to force the system to use 100% of all waste and burrow sites?  Or is there a better way to get the program to factor in these volumes?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.