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Folder Structure

Question asked by Damien Dach on Nov 2, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2020 by Peter Redway

On Trimble Access on the TSC7, you can create folders for each of the aspects of the survey project, such as FENCES, BORROW PITS, STRIPPING, etc. These are then used to store the different surveys and can easily be sorted in Trimble Sync. You can also download this folder structure and all files within each folder to your project storage folder. Is there a way to create this folder structure ahead of time and have it upload with the reference project files to the data collector? I have created folders in Trimble Connect, but these are not accessible by Trimble Access.


As you can see in the attached images, the folders created within Trimble Access are only visible in Trimble Sync. Trimble Connect will only show the reference files which are established in Trimble Sync. We are trying to get Access/Sync/Connect to be able to create the project survey folder structure with the project so that each job is always the same.